FAQ: Gameplay Questions

This page contains Frequently Asked Questions about gameplay. For general questions, see the FAQ: General Questions page.

How do I spin the Kakecube?

You spin the Kakecube by swiping up, down, right, and left. It moves exactly 90 degrees with each swipe.

How do I rotate the current face of the Kakecube?

Rotate the face by combining horizontal and vertical movements. For example, one way to rotate the face 90 degrees clockwise is to swipe right, up, and left.

How do I pause the game?

Tap the three-line “hamburger” icon in the lower left corner. It opens the in-game pause menu. The game pauses automatically if you lock your device.

Can I save my progress?

You may not save, but you can pause. If you restart the app or quit the level, your progress is lost. If you are playing the free version, closing the app will also cause the level cap bonus to be reset.

What is the highest level on Kakecube?

The free version is level capped at 35. This can be raised to 70 by watching a full length advertisement prior to starting your game. The full version does not have a level cap. Please note that the scoreboard may be a bit jumbled if you pass level 999 due to the character limit. Good luck!

How fast does the timer get?

At level 140 the round timer is 2.5 seconds. It does not get any quicker after that.

How many Kakecubes are there?

Currently there are 42 in the free version and 50 in the full version. We plan to release more in expansions.

Do the KAKECUBEs have names?

Yes! You can see the name of the KAKECUBE at the bottom of the screen during gameplay in the full version. Puzzles with names appearing in GREEN are exclusive to the full version.

What is the difference between the free version and the full version?

The full version does not have a level cap or advertising. It has more Kakecubes (puzzles). In the full version the name of the Kakecube appears below the Kakecube during gameplay.

Are the puzzles random?

Levels 1-7 and 10-15 are training levels and always have the same KAKECUBE, though colors are random. All other levels choose a semi-random KAKECUBE appropriate for the level.

Can I disable a particular KAKECUBE puzzle?

Not at this time.

Can I get any hearts or HP back?

Nope! After three misses the game is over. Good luck!

Can I get more hearts?


Can I start at a level higher than 1?

Not at this time. We are considering adding this feature in a future update.

Can I disable the flying cubes in the background or the particle effects?

Yes. In the main menu, open the settings menu and turn off “Visual Effects”.

Can I change the colours of the Element Cubes?

Yes! From the settings menu on the start screen, find the button called “colors”.
If you don’t find the button, please make sure KAKECUBE is updated to version 1.1 or higher.

Free Version: I cannot use the raise level cap button. The raise level cap button is greyed out. Why?

The button is only available if our advertising provider is ready to present an advertisement video.

There are several possible reasons a video may not be available:
– Your device may not be able to contact the provider’s server. (Are you in airplane mode?)
– You may be using a service that blocks advertising.
– The service may not have any advertisement available.
– You may have exceeded the provider’s views per day limit. (It is sometimes as low as 25 video views per day.)

If none of the above seem to fit your situation, please restart the app.

Please consider purchasing the full version as it does make use of advertising. We greatly appreciate your patronage.

Can I play the game in landscape mode?

It depends on your device’s screen size. Screens with a height-to-width ratio of 1.777 (16:9) or less and with more than 1million pixels are supported. Your device’s settings may limit what screen rotations are available.

The short answer: Most tablets support landscape. Most phones do not.

How do I switch in-game languages?

When you start the app Kakecube selects a language to based on your device’s settings. Kakecube will display in English if you use a language that Kakecube does not support.

I tried to spin the Kakecube really fast and it went backwards. Is it a bug?

The Kakecube tries to get to the final position you have told it to go to as fast as it can. If you spin the Kakecube many times quickly in the same direction it might try to take a “short cut”. For example, if you swipe left three times super fast, the KAKECUBE may turn right instead because that takes it to the same place faster. (If that happens though, it probably would have been faster to swipe right once instead!)

I keep getting the same Kakecube puzzle. Is this a bug?

Some of the early levels always use the same Kakecube to help you warm up. But after these levels Kakecube tries very hard to choose random puzzles appropriate for the level without repeating itself too often. If luck doesn’t happen to work out it loads a puzzle quickly rather than keeping you waiting. Sometimes this will make a repeated puzzle.

Do you support in-app sharing of scores on services other than twitter?

Not at this time. However, please feel free to share a screenshot of your best score on any social media platform!

Our twitter hashtag is #KAKECUBE